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The hand-written word

Competition - Paperchase


Design a stationery product that will engage 18-30 year olds in the power of the hand-written word.

I designed a daily planner that would capture the hand written word in an organised, interactive way.
I thought this product would be useful to the target audience as it can be used for both work and academia. It suits someone
who’s on a busy schedule and would like to physically record all of their plans, goals and thoughts throughout the day in one
handy book.
I have created hand made patterns in various colours that would reflect the hand written nature of the planner and are unique and prominent.

One unique feature is the perforated corner on each page - the user rips off the edge when the day is done so they can easily find the next day’s page when in a hurry. It’s more interactive and satisfying than a bookmark.

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